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Mason Jar Succulents 

Lately, I really enjoy decorating with mason jars; they are economical, versatile, and made to last.  There are countless ways to incorporate them into your decor, especially if farmhouse style is your goal (check out what I did in my kitchen here: Farmhouse Style on a Homestead Budget: Kitchen Organization.)  We were shopping for garden supplies recently at Home Depot when I wandered into the indoor plant section and saw that they were selling succulents planted halfway down into mason jars: adorable!  The price tag?  $10 each: not adorable.  However, to purchase the succulents was only $2.50 each.  That is a price I can get behind!

I used mason jars from my own collection, but you can purchase them inexpensively at resale stores for 25-95 cents each if you don’t need whole cases of them.  Otherwise I have found Target and Menards to have the best prices on mason jars.  Target carries them year-round at an affordable and consistent price, while Menards is the place to stock up when they are on sale (thanks to my dad for teaching me that)!

All you need for this project is:

  • succulents of your choice
  • mason jars
  • potting soil

I knew I wanted three quart sized mason jars (32 oz) each with one succulent.  The boys love having their own plants as well, so they each picked one out for their room and a jar to go with it.

I always spend a little time figuring out exactly how I want my plantings to look.  I decided to plant the tall succulent in the center with the “Ball” logo facing out, and the two smaller succulents on the side with the fruit logo facing out.

My husband mixed up some of his personal potting mix for me, which is a blend of coco coir (coconut core), perlite, vermiculite, and a small amount of compost.  This is the blend he uses for micro-greens, and that we used for all of our veggie starts.  It is a completely organic mix and free from any artificial additives.

Start by pulling the succulents out of their little pots.  Fill the bottom of your jars will potting mix.  For the quart jars filling to the “wide mouth” label works well.

Place your succulent in the center of your jar and fill more potting mix in around it.  A small potting shovel works well for this application.

Fill slightly above the halfway mark with potting mix.  No need to push the soil down, because the next step is to…

Water your succulents with a light spray.  The small amount of water pressure will clean the insides of the jars and help push down the soil.  Give them a good drink.  After the initial watering, water sparsely about once per week when the soil is completely dry.  Succulents will die if over-watered.

Oh, yeah, we did the boy’s plants as well!  Cute little addition to their room.

Find a perfect spot to display them!  Jason recently added these shelves to the living room windows that are south-facing.  They are great for lots of little plants and a wonderful way to take advantage of limited wall display space!

I’d love to hear about ways you save money when decorating!  Drop me a comment below or catch me on IG as tacklemayhem_susan.  Until then, have a beautiful and blessed day!


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