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DIY Shampoo For The Whole Family 

The original draw for us to the homestead lifestyle was the personal production of healthy and natural food for our family.  Once we established that, I felt compelled to do more research into what goes ON our bodies, not just in.  Long story short, the unnecessary chemicals and additives are equally unacceptable.  With that in mind, I have started developing my own health, beauty, and cleaning supplies and I am so excited to share these with you!

Shampoo is one of the simplest products that you can DIY.  Honestly, it takes about two minutes to mix up a batch.  The products you need to make it are readily available and not difficult to use.  As an added bonus, you choose the scent that you wish, so there are limitless possibilities!

My recipes for adult shampoo and baby shampoo differ slightly.  To make both, you will need:

  • Empty shampoo bottles or glass jars (reuse and recycle!)
  • Water
  • Castille soap
  • Vegetable glycerine
  • Essential oils of your choice
  • Baking soda (for oily hair)
  • Coconut oil (for dry hair)

If you haven’t worked with Castille soap before, it is a completely natural and wonderful product with so many uses for health, beauty, and cleaning around the house.  I choose to use mild and unscented Castille soap so I can use it for both versions of the shampoo.  I also like the unscented version so I can choose my own.  You can purchase Castille soap that is already scented if you would like to skip the essential oil step.  It does seem pricey at first, but it needs to be diluted to use so it makes a lot of product!  I’ve found Dr. Bronner’s to have the best reviews and a very loyal following.  You will pay a little more for it, so buy the Castille soap of your choice.  I find it cheapest at Target, where the 32 oz size is about $16.  You can also buy it on Amazon if you follow this link: Castille soap.

Vegetable glycerine is another natural product.  You only need a very small amount, and it gives the soap that sudsy quality we are familiar with from commercial soaps.  I definitely recommend it for the kid’s shampoo because kid’s love bubbles.  You can leave it out of the adult version if you prefer.  I purchased Now Solutions because we have bought their products before and been satisfied with them.  You can buy it on Amazon by following this link: Vegetable glycerine.

Adding the baking soda or coconut oil are completely up to you.  Baking soda will help if you have naturally oily hair, and coconut oil with help if you have naturally dry hair.  The coconut oil can make your hair feel quite greasy if you do not have dry hair, so skip it unless you do.

For the kid’s shampoo you’ll need:

  • 1 cup of water
  • 1 cup of Castille soap
  • 1 tsp Vegetable glycerine
  • 5-10 drops of essential oil

Simply measure all ingredients directly into the container you will be using.  I only use a small amount of essential oil for the kid’s shampoo for two reasons: 1) I personally don’t believe that kid’s or babies need to be heavily scented, and 2) too much essential oil can sting if it gets into the eyes, so limiting it eliminates that issue.


Give the bottle several good shakes to combine.  The shampoo will be more liquid than commercially purchased products.  You actually need less because of this! Yay, cost savings.  I use the baby/kid’s shampoo as a body wash for my boys as well, so it is a great all-in-one product.

The final product will suds up quite nicely!

For the adult shampoo, you will need:

  • 1 cup water
  • 1 cup Castille soap
  • 1 tsp Vegetable glycerine (if you want suds)
  • 2 tsp baking soda (if you have oily hair – I do!) or 1 tsp coconut oil (if you have dry hair)
  • 10-15 drops essential oil

Pour all ingredients into your container and give it several good shakes.  If you are adding coconut oil, you’ll want to quickly melt it in the microwave first.

I like a heavily scented shampoo for myself so I add 15 drops of oil.

A couple of points regarding using the shampoo: 1) every so often you’ll want to shake the bottle before use so that the contents do not settle, 2) Castille soap works best when you rinse it out with cold water, so rinse with as cold of water as your body can handle.

Do you like my labels?  They are free printable labels that I found online that you can customize, find them here: Printable Labels.  To make them waterproof, I printed off onto regular printer paper and then attached them to my bottles with clear packing tape – simple, effective, and free!




4 thoughts on “DIY Shampoo For The Whole Family 

  1. I love it! We’ve been making the switch to natural (and reusable) products for awhile, but have yet to find an affordable (natural or DIY) shampoo alternative. Thanks for sharing!

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