Farmstead Recipes

Infused Water in Mason Jars

Ah, a new year. 2017. Awesome.

With a new year comes the topic of resolutions.  Now, I’m all for bettering oneself, but I don’t necessarily believe that a flip of a calendar page determines one’s will for the rest of the year.  Unfortunately, the statistics show us that very few people will follow through on their resolutions past the first several weeks.  I think we should resolve to be a little kinder, a little healthier, a little more patient…a little BETTER each day than the day before.  What else could we ask for?

I RESOLVE (pun definitely intended) not to bore you with unrealistic goals I have for myself this year.  That being said, there are things we could FOCUS on more.  I bet we could all say that we need to drink more water.  How can something so vital be such a struggle?  Personally, it’s a flavor thing for me; as in, I need it.  Thus infused water is a great alternative.  It’s fun to drink and has no sugar (the enemy).  I recently read about a study which found that even the illusion of flavor is enough for our senses to perceive that we are getting more than plain ol’ water (in this study the water was completely unflavored yet scents were used to trick the mind).

So, as with all things in life, I keep it simple.  Enter the Mason jar.

I use 32 oz wide-mouth jars for a couple of reasons: 1, it’s the size of a large fountain soda just about anywhere so a good thirst-quenching size, and 2, it’s what I had lying around.  See, not that hard to get into my head.  Flavors can be just about any fruit or vegetable you have on hand.  Mixing and matching is fun.  In my pictures, I did cucumber/lime (so refreshing), orange, and Meyer lemon/strawberry.  Other great combos: lemon/lime, lemon/raspberry, blueberry/raspberry/strawberry, cucumber/mint, strawberry/mint, peach, strawberry/kiwi, honestly I could just keep going on!

I slice my fruit about 1/2 inch thick.  I prefer rounds to wedges for infusion because you get a greater amount of surface area.

I quarter my strawberries.  Other berries can just be popped in whole.

I’ve seen several water infusion blogs and such that use way too many fruits/veggies, in my humble opinion.  You don’t need a lot to get an ample amount of flavor.  For 32 oz, I find a whole citrus fruit to be overpowering if you blend, so all you really need is half.  I fill my jars about 1/3 of the way.

Next, I like to add ice.  This makes it super cold when you pull it from the fridge.  You can leave it out if you prefer.

Then fill up those jars and pop a lid on ’em.  Throw them in the fridge for at least 12 hours.  Overnight is perfect.

Whoa, whoa.  Don’t think you are getting away without my waste rant.  These fruits and veggies may no longer taste very good after hanging out in water for a day, but they are perfect for compost.  If you don’t compost yourself, many cities have city compost bins that will gladly take your scraps.  Look into it.  Have a dog?  My dog loves little bits of fruit or veggies as a treat, and her palate is not as discerning as mine to care that they are a little bland (just don’t give her the citrus rinds).  One last tip: I actually use my infusion fruits/veggies twice.  I find I get almost as much flavor as the first go-round, and the second time is easier because all you do is refill the water when you’re done drinking and pop it back in the fridge!


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