Farmhouse Style on a Homestead Budget

Farmhouse Style on a Homestead Budget: Magnolia Wreath

When we walked through our house before buying it I saw this gorgeous magnolia tree and beautiful weeping birch and instantly fell in love.  These were the aged storybook trees I always had in mind for my forever home.  Our magnolia blooms in May and it is the freshest floral scent.  I love how well the coloring of the two trees complement each other when their leaves change.

For those of you who know me just a little bit, you could say I am mildly (ok, nothing mild about it) obsessed with a certain HGTV goddess whose style, faith, and family give me inspiration for my own future.  Unfortunately, I have a very limited budget for accomplishing the farmhouse look.  With this idea in mind, I’m going to begin sharing with you how I achieve that look with my thrifty homestead budget.  For our first installment I’ll show you how to make a simple and beautiful magnolia wreath!

No magnolia tree?  I feel bad for you, you should get one!  Just kidding (sort of)!  You can apply this same idea with any tree branches that are mildly pliable with decorative leaves.  You could even use store bought fake ones if you want something that will last longer than one season.  My goal was to use what I have available with limited cost.  So anyways, every so often my magnolia sheds some branches and I’ve always considered the idea of making a wreath out of them.  Last week, she (because my magnolia is certainly female) shed some larger branches and I pulled them aside to begin drying out.  Today I decided I liked the look of the green and yellow colors and went for it!

I started by simply pinching off by hand branches that I thought would drape well, and I built a pile of these in varying sizes, the smallest of which was about the size of the above, and the largest about the size of my forearm.  I liked the natural look of the buds so decided to keep them.

I arranged them on the table in a way that looked like what I had envisioned in my mind.  After that became several moments of wandering my backyard and garage trying to find something circular I could tie this beast to in order to keep its shape.  Again, trying to keep costs to a minimum.

My genius husband graciously offered one of our tomato towers and I knew it was exactly what I was looking for!  I batted my eyelashes, or something like that, and he popped down to the basement and snipped the largest ring off for me.  No tomato cage?  No problem, anything round will do.  You could use an actual wreath ring, shape a circle out of some wire, or even use some sturdy cardboard.

Next was the decision of how to attach the branches to the ring.  I used small clear zip-ties as they were on-hand.  I attached all the individual branches to the ring and then began to zip-tie the branches to each other as needed.  If you are without some zips I think twine, fishing line, or wire would give you the same effect.

Btw, I did snip those zips.

Once I had the wreath the way I liked it laying down on the table, I hung it up outside so that I could adjust it where needed.  I kept it very natural and didn’t interfer too much with the flow of the branches because I was using real tree leaves.  Seeing how pretty it was on my fence I almost left it there!

Next came a ribbon tie.  I always save the bits at the end of the rolls for these types of scenarios.  Same may call me a hoarder, I’d prefer to say “always prepared”!  I went with a simple loop at the top of the wreath to emulate the simplicity of the wreath itself.

I decided to hang my wreath in my foyer on my mirror so it is the first thing people see when they enter my home to set the tone of my style.  I used two clear suction cups to hold it at the top, because it did turn out rather heavy.  I also hid a third suction cup at the bottom of the wreath to pull it into place.

And ta-da!  I think my entry really shows you what I hope people feel when they are welcomed into my home!  Everything you see was bought on the very cheap, so leave me a comment if you have questions on where to find any of the pieces!

Btw, look how happy I was making this wreath! Hope your budget farmhouse look makes you smile just as much!


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