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I Am No Artist

Dearest Readers,

I vow to never pretend to be anything other than what I am.  I will not be fake, I will not lie to you, and I will certainly try not to mislead you in any way.

In that spirit, I wish to tell you: I am no artist.

I have told you how the first thing I yearn to do in the morning is scrabble to my gardens and tend them.  There is something so captivating in seeing nature work it’s magic.  To that end, I must say I find water droplets and vegetable flowers absolutely fascinating.

Say whaaaat?

Yes, I like to stare at water droplets.  Yes, to me, a vegetable bloom can go toe-to-toe with a rose any day.  I love the way water puddles on the leaves of the plants that are stretching towards the sun.  I love the way a tiny bloom will sprout forth a tiny vegetable; and in what seems no time at all, the tiny vegetable is fully grown and simply delicious.

So yesterday as I watering, I took some pictures of things that are beautiful to me.  Maybe this will give you a glimpse of my inner workings.  Maybe you won’t understand, and that’s okay.

I repeat: I am no artist.  Any fool with a camera phone (so basically anyone), could take the same exact pictures.  However, I took them with an undeniable love for what I am producing.

A bulging purple Kohlrabi bulb with a funky bulb next to it that has the fattest orb of a water droplet hanging on.

White Kohlrabi with water droplets that seem stuck on.

A Beefsteak tomato bloom.  I mean, come on, that tiny yellow flower becomes this fat and juicy tomato!?  Nature, ey?

More tomato blossoms.

A cucumber flower whose vine has escaped to the wood chips.


… becomes this.  Nature is poetry, isn’t it?

Green beans!  Oh, the sunlight.  Swoon.

I’ve always loved green bean flowers, they just seem so tranquil.

Ah yes, the Okra flower.  Seriously though, how did I not know this existed before 2 years ago?  When I stop to look at such beauty, in my vegetable garden of all places, I wonder what else I’ve missed.

#okraflower #waterdroplets

Yes, I went there.


Water on a Kohlrabi leaf.

And another.

And just in case you didn’t pick up on it yet, I REALLY like water droplets.

As I finished up watering and taking pictures yesterday, I grabbed my bowls to start the day’s harvest.  My kiddos really like helping with this part.  I was picking beans and I looked down and had to snap this picture…

My two-year-old son Davis, with truck in hand of course, grabbed a ripe tomato off the plant and started eating it like an apple.

Success!  Joy!  Seriously, I was elated.  Because isn’t this picture the culmination of everything I’m working towards.

In case you were wondering, he shared when he was done.


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