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Let Me Introduce You… To The Gardens

Since I have been speaking about how our gardens influenced my lifestyle change, I should probably show you around!  One of my absolute favorite parts of the day is watering everything and seeing the growth from each day. We have two wooden raised beds with trellises that were here when we purchased the home.  Then… Continue reading Let Me Introduce You… To The Gardens

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The Great Pickle Experiment

Getting children to eat veggies is a trying task for all parents.  Luckily, my 2 year old has always loved them.  Unfortunately, my 5 year old will pull out his hyper-sensitive gag reflex if I deign to put any on his plate.  Last year I was so desperate that I researched if pickles count as… Continue reading The Great Pickle Experiment

About Our Family

And So It Begins… 

This chapter of our story begins about 4 months ago.  My husband Jason and I had one of those rare moments in our hectic lives to sit and talk and dream.  Luckily, it seemed that we were on the same page.  Though we loved the home we purchased just 2 years ago, the country was… Continue reading And So It Begins…